Pack for a Music Festival

Pack for a Music Festival

The secret to packaging for music festivals isn’t packing light- it’s packing in a means you can lug as much as possible to the campground from your cars and truck or whatever public transport you take to the occasion. Obviously a cars and truck is better because you can load extra things, making you far better ready and less dependent on the overpriced shops, food stalls and also bars around the festival sector.

The quantity you’ll need to pack will certainly differ depending upon whether you go to a 2 day, 3 evening event like V celebration or the isle of White or other events like Glastonbury or Analysis and Leeds, which are longer so you could need to load even more food, beverage and toiletries.

Event food

Although food at festivals remains in ready supply and a few of it isn’t regrettable nowadays to save cash we would certainly advise taking as much of your own food as feasible. Right here’s some suggestions- remember summer music events can get hot so fresh food will certainly to off swiftly if it’s not kept cool.

Bbqs – fires are prohibited in any way the songs event camping areas, although this isn’t actually implemented as a lot at Glastonbury as others like V celebration. Mobile and non reusable BBQs are good concept since BARBEQUE food is very easy to cook and also the non reusable ones you can, certainly, take care of so you do not have to carry them residence. Stick with some straightforward burgers as well as sausages, take it frozen after that keep it in a fridge freezer box with cold pack and also it need to remain fresh for 24 hours or so. Stay clear of poultry, fish or cooked rice as these tend to have the most awful consequences if you leave them out also long or don’t prepare them extensively enough before eating. Do not neglect the tomato catsup! You might also take some frozen bacon and also bread to make bacon sandwiches the initial morning on camp.

Tinned food- After the BBQ foods gone step onto the canisters and anything you can cook promptly over a mobile gas stove. If you have a stove you can boil water as well indicating you can make immediate noodle as well as soup mugs in addition to the important morning favorite (which will certainly cost you ₤ 1.50 if you buy it from a food delay). Do not fail to remember the tin opener and also kettle, along with something to clean up the pots as well as plates with.

Non-perishable food – stuff like breakfast cereal, which you can eat with lengthy life milk are fantastic for celebrations- they will not thrill the taste however they will load you up swiftly as well as cheaply.

Event beverages

There’s alcohol consumption water taps in he campsites at every music festival so do not bother with mineral water. Just bring enough vacant bottles or a water container to load at the taps.

Much more notably alcohol is pricey at celebrations and also is difficult to find in the campgrounds as benches are all within the real-time music sectors. If you wish to consume, and many people do, taking your own beverage is recommended. The most popular drinks for music celebrations are cans of ale and cider which you can purchase cheaply from the grocery store by the case of 24 cans- making them sensibly simple to carry. If there’s a few of you and also you require several instances think about acquiring or renting a trolley to push your beers to the camping site- they obtain heavy!

Glass is not admitted the camping areas of music festivals. V festival and Checking out are particularly strict on this and you could shed your tickets if you’re discovered with glass containers inside the campground. If you’re taking drinks which just can be found in glass bottles, like vodka or whiskey, decant these into a plastic container and also take care of the glass thoroughly before you go into the campsite.

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