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Almost every existing business owns its own website, which contains important information for customers and potential partners.

If you do not make any efforts to support, develop and advertise the site, the benefits from it will be minimal and you will lose some of the possible earnings. To avoid such a situation, it is important to turn to digital-marketing.

Some methods, such as blogging, email distribution and promotion in social networks, can be time consuming. Nevertheless, it is important to spend your time on attracting the audience, as it will bring the maximum return. Here at Amaranth NY, we aim to help you with all your Digital Marketing needs.

Let’s get acquainted with the basic techniques of digital marketing.

Optimize the site for search engines

Check which position the website is in when you make the corresponding requests in Google and Yandex. Learn how to use keywords correctly so that interested users can find you in search engines.

Make sure that your contact information is displayed correctly on your website and that the information matches that in your online catalogues. To increase your attendance, use Incoming links from popular online resources.

Tell us about your company’s activities

Create a corporate blog and share your organization’s experience. Through your own blog, you can not only inform your customers about changes in products or services, but also get feedback and ideas for improving your business.

Keep in mind that customers are the primary focus; let them know that feedback about the company helps to improve the quality of service and helps to optimize problem areas.

Connect with Vkontakte, Facebook and other social networks
Common thematic platforms will help you create a list of contacts and interact with your existing clients. In most social networks, you can search for keywords related to your product or service.

This will give you a big push to promote your business and its name. It’s also important to remember that social media statistics, such as the number of friends and subscribers, are increasingly influencing search engine ratings.

Participate in public correspondence

You can post messages in other blogs and forums dedicated to specific topics, which will help you find people interested in your product. You can answer people’s questions by allowing them to contact you for more information.

This content can often be found by potential customers long after the date of publication. Note that comments posted on forums are more durable and will bring visitors for a long time than posts on social media

Remind your customers of yourself

Send emails to current and potential customers to keep them up to date with the latest news and events in your business. They will appreciate the messages if you include interesting offers, promotions or useful tips.

Don’t forget to check your inbox regularly; most customers expect feedback from the feedback form within 24 hours, so don’t postpone your response to a long box. Also, be sure to give your customers the opportunity to unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive them.

Publicize yourself

Get a place for banner ads online. Examples of places where your ad can be displayed include search results pages, social networking sites and more.

Online advertising reaches a wider audience, unlike offline publications, and also allows you to get instant feedback on the number of views and visits to the site.

Competently using the above methods, you can easily raise the level of the site and increase business revenues. The main motivation should be the unsurpassed success of your company. Don’t be timid on the way to perfection and you will succeed!