Small Business

Business, as a variant of self-realization and earnings, is becoming more and more popular among people of different age levels and social status. Thanks to one’s own business, it is possible to achieve success, to make the world aware of oneself and the product to be marketed.

For someone the main thing in business is the scale, wide popularity and large production. But there are those who choose a small business, which can be conducted at home, without the need to visit the office or other place of work.

The crisis period encourages people to look for any ways to earn money, so many people start looking for business ideas that can be easily put into practice and get a stable income.

The following are the actual options for small businesses at home, which require a minimum investment, but bring a good return.

The pros of home-based business

Doing business from the comfort of your home is a great way to earn money, and it stands out due to a number of advantages of such work.

  • You yourself describe the time that you will spend on a particular case related to the business. In the event of an emergency you will always be able to plan your schedule correctly, so that there is enough time to complete each task.
  • There is no need to spend a certain number of hours at work, because you can adjust the time for the implementation of each case. In individual business, the emphasis is on the final result of the work, not the duration of the process.
  • All earned funds will belong only to you. There is no need to allocate money to pay rent or salary of employees.
  • You can build a strategy of your own work without relying on someone else’s requirements.
  • If you work productively, your income will definitely make you happy.

Working via the Internet

Working over the Internet is a common thing for a modern person, but before this prospect seemed unattainable. Thanks to the great variety of ways to make money on the Internet, this type of business is becoming increasingly popular. Popular ideas for business through the Internet are presented below.

Moderator (content manager)

This type of work is spread on the Internet, especially on various social networks and thematic forums. Most likely, you will have to provide a personal portfolio for which you can be selected as a moderator. The employee will not be required to make any initial investments or additional work permits, but not everyone can get to this position.

Employees should be sufficiently familiar with the subject matter of content, as well as have the necessary knowledge for its formatting and placement. The duties of the moderator include removing negative comments, making adjustments to the messages and removing spam. Sometimes it is necessary to give additional answers to users’ questions.


The position of tutor requires the employee to have the necessary knowledge in the field of teaching. This profession is quite popular and widespread, so there will be no problems with the lack of clients.

A tutor should know his/her subject well and be able to pass on his/her knowledge competently. It is possible to teach both alone and together with colleagues. There is no need to conduct classes at home, because there is a possibility of remote communication with the student.


Copywriting means writing texts on various topics. To work in this specialty requires only a good knowledge of the language and the ability to create high-quality content.
Initial capital is not required, as the work is often done through special exchanges.

Registration on such platforms is free of charge, and a few minutes after authorization you can start working. In the future, it is possible to design an IP, if the level of earnings reaches the required level.


Working as a designer requires not only knowledge of the basics of the field, but also creativity. Without artistic taste and the ability to draw, you are unlikely to be able to start a successful business at home in this field. However, you can learn everything if you are confident in your goals! Sometimes you need to be able to work with graphic editors.

Design includes several types of work, each of which requires certain knowledge and skills. You will be able to develop business cards, logos, posters and signs. It is possible to collaborate with shops and studios to provide them with individually designed sketches of clothing or accessories.

To increase your chances of getting a highly paid position, you should take care of creating a portfolio that will present the best work done, as well as information about your education and other necessary information.

Performing work for students

Performing various types of work for school and university students is another good way to earn money. However, in order to engage in such services, it will be necessary to have a sufficiently in-depth knowledge of a certain subject or several subjects at once.

If you cooperate with the agency, you will need to have a proper education. It is possible to work through special exchanges and websites, although working directly with students brings more income.

There is no need to make any investments, and as a guarantee of payment you can take part of the amount in advance.

Online store

This business idea will require some investment, the size of which depends on the scale of the future store. Usually it is more than 70 thousand rubles. It is better to start with the creation of one-page sites, which will present a catalog of products sold, suppliers and information about delivery.

In case of opening a small online store, you can organize delivery on your own. In some cases, the amount of investment can be increased to 100 thousand rubles or more.


To work as a photographer, you need to purchase a professional camera and additional tools for taking pictures. You need to have a basic knowledge of photography, as well as the ability to work with editors to process the resulting images. There are several variants of this work: to organize and carry out photo shootings with the subsequent exhibition of photos or to create a photo bank.

In the first case, the level of income is slightly higher than in the second case. The cost of one photo shoot is usually about 2000 rubles, if the photographer has sufficient experience and fame. In case of work with the bank of photos the initial earnings usually are small, but in due course the prices for photos will increase.


The editor’s job involves checking and editing the content in accordance with the requirements. You need to know the rules of the language at a high level, as well as be able to work freely with MSWord.

The editor usually gets about 30-70 rubles for editing the text of 1000 symbols, but the price can increase depending on experience and place of work. You will need to provide your own portfolio, which will confirm the level and quality of your education.

The editor can work with content on any topic, but some of them require the employee to have additional experience and knowledge in a certain area.

Earnings from affiliate programs

If you have a popular website, blog or page, you can earn money through partner programs. This business idea does not require investments, but can bring you a significant income.

Earnings come at the expense of placing on own blog or page of partner programs and receiving for it certain payment. You can work through one of the many exchanges that offer this type of activity.

Creation of the site, its promotion and filling with content

Work in this area will require specialized knowledge and skills. To develop a quality website, you need to know the basics of programming as well as design. Requires the ability to work with different platforms.

In the case of promotion will need an understanding of the essence and features of seo-optimization, as well as the ability to apply it to promote the site. Publication of content does not require any special skills, except working with the admin panel. Due to the rapid growth of users of Internet resources demand for this type of activity is increasing.

Video courses

Creating such a small business will require knowledge and skills in a particular area. If you know how to create high-quality training videos, this work may suit you. It is important to be able to interest the viewer and bring him information in the most accessible form.

Recorded videos need to be promoted to gain more views and attract potential course buyers. You can post videos both on YouTube and on your own website.

It will take a certain amount of money to carry out high-quality shooting and promotion of the final material. Create such content can be any person, regardless of the field of activity. But you need to take into account the high level of competition in this business.